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Well done To Our Neighbours From The Absolute Hotel & Spa!

Here at the Absolute Hotel & Spa we are so proud of Limerick City and all it has to offer, this includes our local schools and colleges. As the BT Young Scientist competition gets underway in Dublin this week, three female students at Gaelcholaiste Luimnigh, which is the school next door to us here at Sir Harry’s Mall, will be showing judges their innovative science project. The project of these three pioneering young girls, second year pupils Ava Barrett, Katie Fitzgerald and Sinead Toomey, tests the theory that women are better multi-taskers than men. They conducted the experiment based on a series of tests both sexes performed while working on a computer and juggling other tasks at the same time. "It turns out there wasn't a huge difference, but it actually leaned towards men. They're slightly better. It seems that no one can really multi-task, you're just switching from one thing or another," explained Ava. According to Ava, the males took longer to an
It’s that time of year again! After all the years of hard work, exams, lectures, all-nighters (and partying) it’s time for the University of Limerick graduations. All the students of UL will be flocking to Limerick in their caps and gowns looking forward to receiving that important piece of paper in front of their friends, teachers and family. These joyous occasions represent an important transition for graduands who have finished their studies and are about to embark on the next phase of their lives. College is a time of hard work and perseverance but also a very enjoyable time where you can meet new people and travel. Hopefully they can all look back on this day and appreciate all the experience they have gained and friends made. Graduation time is a nerve-wracking time for those leaving college but it's also an exciting moment where you can reach for your dreams. It is the beginning of a new chapter of life. From all the staff here at the Absolute Hotel & Spa we wish yo