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Style in the city: How to keep it chic at your big city wedding by Lilac Rose Bridal

Brides are often swayed by their choice of venue when it comes to choosing their wedding dress and we often find those who opt for a city based wedding prefer a simple, refined look when it comes to their dress - but still want to look like a bride on their big day. There are plenty of ways to create a standout sophisticated look without compromising on the bridal style stakes.              Fabric comes first. What is often missed in catalogue photos of wedding gowns is the fabric. Cameras can’t capture the way sophisticated fabrics move when walking up the aisle, sitting down, shimmying on the dancefloor et cetera, so don’t shy away from simpler gowns as sometimes it’s all about the fabric, the fit and those expert dance moves.              Accessorise with care. The right accessories can make a dress, but they can also break it. Stick to one or two statement pieces that will bring the look together rather than overwhelming you, for example a simple lariat neckla