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Complimentary bike seat covers in the Absolute Hotel!

To celebrate the launch of the Coca‑Cola Zero Bikes   in Limerick the Absolute Hotel would like to help with the inevitable occurrence of the wet “ass”.  With thanks to the Absolute Hotel no longer will you have to use the plastic shopping bag or wet your sleeve when hopping on and off the Coca Cola bikes.  They are offering complimentary bike seat covers to all those who drop into the hotel for a coffee. Close walking proximity to the Coca Cola Island Road terminal means guest and employees alike can opt for a healthier mode of transport whether visiting the hotel for work or leisure.  The idea of the bike seat covers came to light when the General Manager Donnacha Hurley was using the bike to get up town for a meeting.  Of course with the changeable Irish weather the seat cover was wet and that was when the Eureka moment occurred.  “We are excited and delighted to see such a positive scheme come to Limerick. The Coca Cola Zero bikes have been such a great success story in