Best Dad in Limerick 2014

Congratulations to Noel Bolster who has been crowned the "Best Day in Limerick 2014".

He was nominated by his daughter Harriet Bolster, who has these kind words to say:

I wish to nominate my father Noel Bolster in the best dad in Limerick competition. There are many things that I can say about my dad in this email but there is not enough space and people may not have enough time to read it all :) My dad is an extremely hard working man who always puts everyone else before him. Having two daughters and no sons, he lives amongst three women (my mam, my sister and me) in the house who are always pampering ourselves or as he puts it "aren't ye good to yereselves". As a dad he is great and he is always there for us no matter what. He helps us by teaching, advising and guiding both my sister and I since we have been children. He constantly praises us and tells us how proud he is of us. He is one of the funniest people I know and not a day goes by when that he doesn't have us roaring laughing over something. He loves his garden which is starting to look like Versaille (as he likes to think) and any additions that any of us would like to have added to it he gets it done no matter what it is! At the moment his mother-in-law (my nan) who will be 94 on the 4th of July is living with us as she took ill a few weeks ago. Every morning my dad has her breakfast ready, helps her do some exercise and attends to her thoughout the day. Every day my father has the dinner ready for my mam when she returns from work despite him working himself. He does this of his own accord and enjoys being busy around the house. He really is one in a million. My mam and dad are a great team together and love taking off on random trips and adventures. As much as we try to show our appreciation for my dad on a regular basis, I think winning a competition like this would make his day! He really deserves a day of pampering "to be good to himself" and realise how much we love and appreciate him. For many reasons including these, this is why l believe that my dad is the best dad in Limerick


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